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I was born and raised in Nicaragua. Lived in Costa Rica for 3 years and came back to start high school in Nicaragua, once I started high school I became as involved in Partha Sarathi Reddy K. I have graduated with major in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Ever since I took math class at elementary school, I loved learning math. I was so curious in I am always ready to help students who need my help as it gives a sense of immense satisfaction. I am a housewife as well as a math learner. I am a visual person hence, I like watching anything that comes in my way. I love travelling and visiting places as well as I am an Electronics Engineer and have been indulged in learning , teaching and practicing my technical and math skills in the field of data science.

In both, the height of the mountain is the opposite side. The angle of elevation is the adjacent angle. The adjacent sides are x and x The best thing you have to do is draw a picture of the situation. This is a picture of a right triangle. The height is what you are trying to find and the angle 31 degrees is the angle opposite to the height. But you do not have the length of the hypotenuse nor the length of the leg to do pythagorean. This just means you have to do trig functions.

The angle 36 degrees is made when you move further into the triangle. So a wise thing to do is label your picture and your angles.

Remember a triangle has degrees and that you are dealing with a right triangle. Remember a straight line also equals degrees. These will help you get an unknown angles. When i calculated i got Related Questions Inverse Sine help!!!


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