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Kinds of Worms

❶Intermittent swelling, known as Calabar swellings, of the arms can occur because of an allergic reaction.

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Worms are soft, long-bodied invertebrates, or animals without a backbone. There are at least 20, species, or kinds, of worm. They are not all related. In fact, they belong to several different animal well-known groups of worms are flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms. Flatworms include flukes, tapeworms, and planarians.

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Animals often rely on their sense of smell to locate food. It's a law of nature: the first one to reach a food source has a better chance of surviving than those who do not. But how exactly does.

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worm - Kinds of Worms - Authorities often disagree on how to classify organisms, and worms are no exception. Many of the known worms can be placed in four major phyla. The remaining species may be classified in a number of additional phyla—usually from six to . Feb 09,  · Description from Opportunities Pictures Of Worms Worm Kids Britannica Homework Help: Opportunities Pictures Of Worms Worm Kids Britannica Homework Help, is one of pictures thet are related with the picture before in the collection you would like to see the Opportunities Pictures Of Worms Worm Kids Britannica Homework Help in High Resolution [HD Resolution] .

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Worms and Fruit Flies in Biology Most students dissect worms many times over in biology class, as they are ideal for locating organs and experiments involving bodily processes. In addition, because fruit flies reproduce very quickly, they are useful in demonstrations of traits across generations. Nov 16,  · Why do people drive worms out of the ground with electricity? i'm stumped!