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Therefore, there are numerous benefits in cooperating with us. Price is one of the major concerns of our clients. Rest assured that you will not pay more than needed: The earlier you order your essay, the less you pay.

Our company offers a lot of free options. For example, title and reference pages are free of charge: We always follow all formatting guideline and can change a format for you free of charge. Another service option that we would like to mention specifically is free revision. Though we do our best to satisfy every customer, there may be some changes in the instructions or preferences made by the professor: Speaking of writing a great paper, do not worry about originality: Finally, we should mention our high quality support team that you will most certainly enjoy: We offer help with college essays on the bollowing conditions In order to write a custom paper for you, we will need send a set of instructions.

The earlier you upload them, the earlier we can start. Keep in mind that you can do it in any format you feel most convenient: We can handle any kind of work. There has not been an assignment that we have turned down. It is not only essays that we write: Our staff consists only of professional writers.

There is a wide range of subjects on which regular orders are available. Some of the areas are indicated as under: A few sample questions of the tasks can be seen from the link as under: Please connect with me urgently. I love all things business from the entry and start up stages to taking an established business to the next level. Minor courses in English and writing helped hone my skills for creating stellar business plans and marketing materials, all of which were an asset when helping companies launch their business or introduce a new product.

I love business, but I tired of the corporate rat race and now I write full time. The outcome of dual Masters degrees has been remarkable. Today, I provide consulting on the side, but much of my focus is helping students excel in their studies.

Like having your cake and eating it too! I love the craft of writing academic papers from the research stage to putting it together to formatting. I am a stickler for proper citation and formatting and believe that the best academic writers should be familiar if not very experienced in all types of academic citation formats.

One trait I process is the ability to tackle the same subject on many different levels, each with a unique voice. This is especially helpful as an academic writer as I can cover the same topics for different students, each with a different style, tone, and perspective. In terms of the types of writing projects I take on, I literally work on most any and everything.

I cover far more than those, but that gives prospective clients an idea of what I enjoy most. I am a native English-speaking writer. Lastly, why do I enjoy being a freelance academic writer? I love seeing clients succeed in their studies. I have walked some difficult roads and have learned much the hard way throughout my academic and business careers.

How can I help you succeed? There are three parts to this assignment: Use the rubrics given below to guide you in writing the assignment.

The assignment will be due in Week 6, during second tutorial. This assignment must be typed on A4 papers; use font type Times New Roman and size The final task must contain 5 pages consisting of cover page, actual essay page and reference page; Part A and Part B will be on separate pages and attached to the rest of the essay.

Part A - Brainstorming and Synthesising Ideas 7 marks Read the following instructions to complete this part of the assignment: Example autonomy, advantages, disadvantages, independence etc Analyse and Focus your ideas by narrowing your topics. Benefits of Achieving Autonomy. The process of autonomy Etc Place the notes from a. Part B - Outlining Ideas 5 marks Follow the instructions given below for this part of the task: Based on the topic that you constructed in Part A, make an outline.

Use hierarchy and economy concepts learnt in LA course in your outline. Provide support details in the outline; not just the main ideas. Part C - Constructing an Essay 18 marks Use the outline in Part B to construct an expository essay of three 3 paragraphs. Discuss two points in your essay. Ensure that your essay contains the three features: Additionally, also consider the structure of your essay. Use appropriate transitional markers to achieve unity and coherence in your paragraphs and in the whole essay.

Provide references for your essay. From the video the tribune suggests that those who died in the heatwave were just like us, and they died because they rejected any kind of help. Yet contrary to that belief our readings assert that of the victims in the heat wave who were old, white and black men, were disproportionately represented.

Did old men die most because they lived alone? Could we simply state that they lived in isolation alone and claim that as an explanation? Not according to the documentary. The speaker suggests that instead, of those individuals that died from the heat, individuals who lived in neighborhoods that did not have a sound social infrastructure were more likely to have gone un-noticed due to a lack of social interactions and connections.

In "rougher" sections such as Englewood, crime rates were high, yet the way in which houses were physically layed out singled out victims that would have divisive class prejudices, weakened community life, a reduced trust, and increased violence.

These types of neighborhoods were the exact places that affected most by the heat wave due to the lack of social interaction. People were not knocking on doors of vulnerable individuals because perhaps individuals did not know that vulnerable people lived there.

Another notion that the speaker highlighted was the mass media belief that people died because they neglected themselves. Elderly individuals often live alone, and have developed a unique way of caring for themselves. Most often, they have an extremely long history of drug dependency. At the time of this heatwave it was an era where the advertising of prescription drugs were only done to physicians.

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