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Nobody Trashes Tennessee” litter campaign launched

Graduate of Harvard in He engaged in farming most of his life and was president of the Woodsville N. He served in the state lower house from , and again in , and in the state senate from Raised March 18, in Grafton Lodge No. May 11, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He was one of the wealthiest men in the world. In he founded. Kilgore the Aligarh U. He was the author of India in Transition He represented India at many British and international ceremonies. He owned the greatest racing stables in the world and was a Derby winner. Lettres Mensuelles, quoting the Kansas Masonic Digest, stated that he was initiated in December, , and was given Masonic burial services on July 30, Kidd President of Cities Service Oil companies.

July 7, in Brazil, Ind. Received AB in geology, Indiana U. Since he has been president and director of Cities Service Co. Also a director of other Cities Service organizations. Kieb Assistant Postmaster General since Began career in the real estate business with E. Has been president of The Kieb Co. Received the degrees in Kane Lodge No. Congressman to 63rd through 71st Congresses from 16th Pa. In real estate, he was president of the Eagles Mere Co.

Member of the lower house in Member of Muncy Lodge No. He was a director of Texas A. Member of Dallas Lodge No. Congressman to 79th through 85th Congresses from New York.

April 13, in Malone, N. Began with Kirk-Maher Co. Member of Northern Constellation Lodge No. Dimitted from chapter, commandery and shrine.

Kilby Governor of Alabama, July 9, in Lebanon, Tenn. He was in the manufacturing business at Anniston, Ala. He was a member of the state senate from , and lieutenant governor from Senator from West Virginia Kilgore and practiced law at Beckley, and Served as an officer with the U. Member of Beckley Lodge No. Congressman, 84th and 85th Congresses from 15th Texas dist.

Practiced law at Edinburg, Texas, , and member of Texas lower house during that time. Graduate of Williams Coll. He was editor and publisher of the Red Oak Express Ia.

From he was secretary of chief signal officer, and edited publications of that bureau. Admitted to the bar in , he practiced at Bryan, Ohio until Raised in Red Oak Lodge No. Kilpatrick Landscape painter. April 7, in St. Represented in many private collections. Member of Eagle Rock Lodge No. Kimball Governor of Rhode Island, He engaged in mercantile business in Providence. He was a member of the lower house in R. Became a member of Adelphoi Lodge No. Member of Providence Chapter No.

Kimball President of American Hardware Corp. June 25, in Chicago, Ill. Graduate of Lake Forest Coll. He was first an accountant in Chicago, and later lawyer and private accountant.

He went with American Hardware in as an auditor. He served in the Mexican War as a captain of volunteers, and at the beginning of the Civil War was appointed colonel of a regiment of Indiana infantry. He took part in the operations at Cheat Mountain and Battle of Greenbrier; commanded a brigade at Battle of Winchester, and was made brigadier - general, April 15, At Antietam his brigade held its ground but lost nearly men.

At Fredericksburg, he was wounded. He later commanded a division in the West, and at the siege of Vicksburg in He was breveted major general Feb. Admitted to Missouri bar in , he moved to Lander, Wyo. He retired from the supreme court bench in Member of Wyoming Lodge No. Kimberly Rear Admiral, U. April 2, in Troy, N. Naval Academy and made midshipman in , commander in , captain in , commodore in , and rear admiral in , retiring in He was in the expedition to Korea and commanded the force which landed and captured the forts.

He was in the great hurricane of May 15, at Samoa. Johns Lodge, Boston, Mass. Kimes Brigadier General, U. Naval Academy in , and advanced through grades to brigadier general in Kincaid President of American Hotels Corp. Law graduate of Syracuse U. He was assistant to the president of United Hotels from , vice president , and president of American Hotels from This company directs the operation of 70 hotels in the U.

He is also the director of 21 other hotelcompanies. Saw service in Mexican border campaign and was with judge advocate department, A. Made major general in N. Received degrees in Central City Lodge No. Dimitted from same Dec. Earl of Kincardine see Earl of Elgin. May 8, in Wheeling, W. Began as apprentice-engineer in Wheeling, W. He was designer and chief draftsman of Glenn L. In he was president of General Aviation Mfg. King Governor of Missouri, He was admitted to the bar in , and moved to Mo.

He was twice elected to the state legislature, in and , and was circuit judge, , and again He was elected to the 38th U. Member of Richmond Lodge No. Charles King Author and Brigadier General.

He was graduated from U. Military Academy in , and was retired for wounds in , but continued as a national guard instructor, and reentered Federal Service in Spanish-American War to be-. He became a member of Kilbourn Lodge No. In he became a member of Wisconsin Cornmandery No. Charles Glen King American chemist who isolated vitamin C in and synthesized it in Graduate of Washington State Coll. He is noted for his work on enzymes, synthetic fats, nutrition, bacteriology and dairy sanitation.

He taught in U. He was scientific director of the Nutrition Foundation, , and executive director of same since Consultant to private industries and government, and has received many awards for his work.

Served as private in machine gun company in WWI. Initiated in Whitman Lodge No. King Major General, U. Military Academy in , and advanced through grades to brigadier general in , and major general in He was commandant of the Cavalry School, Ft. From he was assistant chief of staff of the War Department General Staff, and from , commander of 4th Corps Area.

July 4, in Atlanta, Ga. Commissioned in , he advanced through grades to brigadier general in , and temporary major general in Received his degrees in Gate City Lodge No. Member of Yaarab Shrine Temple, Atlanta. King Fleet Admiral, U. Navy and Commanderin-Chief of U. Naval Academy in Previous to this he served as a midshipman in the U. Navy during the Spanish-American War.

He rose through the grades to rear admiral in ; admiral, ; chief of Bureau of Aeronautics, 36; vice admiral commanding aircraft battle force, U. Fleet, , member of general board of Navy Dept. A member of George C. He became a member of Darius Chapter No. He was greatly interested in Masonry, both blue lodge and chapter, and attended often. When he was elevated to com-. King received it the day following Pearl Harbor, and he replied to it with sincere feeling. A member of Holyrood Commandery No.

King Soldier and author. His father was postmaster general in He entered the Union army as a captain in , and rose to colonel of volunteers in Made a Mason in lodge at Winchester, Va. Member of Union Lodge No. Minister to Great Britain, and U.

Senator from New York. He was graduated from Harvard in Sullivan on his expedition into R. Admitted to the bar and was member of Continental Congress, , from Mass. Here he was one of the members assigned to make a final draft of the constitution of the U. He moved to New York City in , and served a term in the state assembly; in a short time he was elected to the U.

He twice served as U. Minister to Great Britain, and He was an unsuccessful candidate for vice president of the U. He is thought to have been a member of a lodge in Newburyport, Mass. His brother, William King, q. Rufus King Fiction and motion picture writer. Graduate of Yale in Since he has averaged a book or motion picture script each year.

Many of his mystery books have been adapted to pictures. He received his degrees in Champlain Lodge No. He taught school early in life and studied for the ministry under Hosea Ballou, q.

He preached in Boston, Mass. At the outset of the Civil War, he spoke throughout the country on. He built a church in San Francisco which was dedicated Jan. Less then two months later he was stricken with diphtheria, and died March 4, ; he was buried in the church he had built. His remains were transferred to the Masonic cemetery in , when the church property was sold. He was raised in Oriental Lodge No. He was the brother of Rufus King, q. Early in life he became a member of the Mass.

He was a merchant in Bath, Maine for nearly 50 years. He was an ardent advocate of the separation of Maine and Mass. He was subsequently elected first governor and after that appointed U. He served in the War in as a colonel. In he became the first grand master of the Grand Lodge of Maine.

Senator; Minister to France. April 6, in Sampson Co. He served in state legislature from From he was U. Senator, and again from , serving as president of that body in President Tyler named him U. He was elected vice president of the U. He returned to this country, but died the day after reaching his home near Cahawba, Ala.

He was a member of Phoenix Lodge No. Thomas, 7th Earl of Kinghorn see Strathmore. Kingsbury President of Standard Oil Co. Student at Columbia U. Began with Standard Oil of Calif. Was district judge from In he was high priest of Austin Chapter No. Elected general grand high priest at triennial in Savannah, Ga. Was ordained in in diocese of Nova Scotia. Also professor of ethics at Trinity Coll. He was bishop of Algoma, ; bishop of Nova Scotia, Initiated in Ionic Lodge No. He held several grand lodge offices, including that of grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Canada Ontario and Nova Scotia, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Ireland in , and With mining concerns in Nevada from , and with Kennecott Copper from , rising from metallurgist to general manager and vice president.

Memberof Ely Lodge No. Member of Monitor Chapter No. Rudyard Kipling English writer who was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in He was educated in United Services Coll. He began writing verse and tales while in India, and continued after his return to England in He was initiated in Hope and Perseverance Lodge No.

He wrote the following about his initiation which appeared in The Freemason London on March 28, I was entered by a member of Brahmo Somaj, a Hindu; passed by a Mohammedan, and raised by an Englishman. Our Tyler was an Indian Jew. We met, of course, on the level, and the only difference anyone would notice was that at our banquets, some of the Brethren, who were debarred by caste rules from eating food not ceremonially prepared, sat over empty plates. Ararat" at Lahore, April 17, He affiliated with the Independence and Philanthropy Lodge No.

He was further appointed poet laureate of the famous Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No. Kirby President of Imperial Motor Corp. July 31, at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He began as office manager for a lumber company in New Brunswick in Later he became treasurer of Jenkins-Kirby Packing Co. He is a director of F. Raised in Landmark Lodge No.

Member of Shekinah Chapter No. He enlisted in the volunteer cavalry at the age of 19, and reached Boston in time to take part in the Battle of Bunker Hill, under General Warren , q.

At Elk River he received seven saber cuts in the head and was left on the field as dead. In all he was in 17 battles and many skirmishes; he received 13 wounds. He was discharged as an ensign, August 23, He later became a colonel in the 17th regiment of the Connecticut militia. He presented his sword to St. He studied law, and the issuance of the "Kirby Reports" in , on cases of the superior court of Conn.

He was an early member of the Society of Cincinnati, and secretary of the Conn. He was appointed federal revenue collector for Conn. Territory and district judge of same. He arrived in January, , coming by boat from Conn.

Here he died, Oct. He became a member of St. It is said that he had a part in organizing a lodge at Woodbury, Conn. Representing that lodge at the convention of July 8, to form the. He was grand senior warden of that grand lodge from He served three terms as master of his own lodge. Little is known of his chapter record except that he was a member of the Mark Lodge located at New Town, Conn.

When the Grand Chapter of Connecticut was organized at Hartford, May 17, , Kirby was elected first grand high priest. He was also elected first general grand high priest in , serving until his death in He was thus grand high priest and general grand high priest at the same time. In , Royal Arch Masons, led by Col. Employed by a dry goods firm in Watertown, N.

Woolworth in 5 and 10 cent store. He purchased interest of partner in , and became the owner of 96 stores, located in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River. In he merged his interests with F. Kirk Major General, U. Army, and Surgeon General, U.

He was commissioned 1st lieutenant in U. Medical Corps in , and advanced through grades to major general in , retiring in In he was commanding officer of Percy Jones General Hospital.

He is director of American Foundation for Tropical Medicine. Has written several volumes on surgery, amputations and prostheses. Raised in Tompkins Lodge No.

Now inactive in all bodies. May 16, in Port Hope, Ont. From he taught at Wesley Coll. Served as captain in Canadian Army in Authority on the history of Hungary, Poland, Iceland, and Canada. National president of Canadian Authors Assn. Received degrees in Faithful Brethren Lodge No. Thomas Kirker Governor of Ohio in Grand junior deacon of Grand Lodge of Ohio in Member of Scioto Lodge No.

Dimitted July 3, Samuel Kirkland Revolutionary patriot, clergyman, and. He was the son of the Rev. Daniel Kirtland, but Samuel restored the old spelling of the family name. Graduate of Princeton in , leaving that year as an Indian missionary to the Six Nations. He remained with the tribes a year and a half, and returned to Conn.

He then went to Oneida and continued to labor among the tribes, with occasional interruptions, for more than 40 years. He spoke the Mohawk and Seneca languages, and had the profound respect of the Indians. During the Revolution he was active in attempting to preserve the neutrality of the Indians, holding many councils with them. After the Battle of Lexington, however, he succeeded in attaching the Oneidas to the patriot cause, although the other tribes, through the influence of Sir William Johnson, q.

Washington wrote to Congress in All accounts agree that much of the favorable disposition shown by the Indians may be ascribed to his labor and influence.

Kirkland became a brigrade chaplain to General John Sullivan, q. The remainder of the war he was chaplain to the Continental forces at Fort Schuyler and at Stockbridge, Mass. He resumed his work among the Indians after peace was declared, and in received a liberal grant of land from congress in consideration of his services. In the Indians and the state of New York added to this gift a large and valuable tract, on which he settled and founded the present town of Kirkland.

In he made a trip with 40 warriors to Philadelphia and appeared before congress in order to consult as to the best method of introducing western civilization among the tribes. In he established the Hamilton Oneida College now Hamilton College , an institution for the education of American and Indian youth. Robert Kirkwood American Revolutionary War hero. It was commanded by Capt. Kirkwood, who passed through the war with high reputation.

Early in he was commissioned captain, and engaged in all the important battles of the three following campaigns. In he accompanied General Horatio Gates, q. In all he took part in 33 battles. He migrated to Ohio after the war, settling nearly opposite Wheeling. He was killed in the Battle of Miami, Nov.

Kirkwood was raised in Lodge No. Kirkwood Executive Vice President of F. He began with Woolworth Co. Senator from Iowa; in National Statuary Hall. Moved to Ohio in , studied law and admitted to the bar in Moved to Iowa in , where he engaged in farming and milling, and served in the state senate in He was governor of Iowa from Minister to Denmark in He was elected U.

In he was again elected U. He was a member of Iowa City Lodge No. Richard Kirman Governor of Nevada, His father was a member of the big cattle firm of Kirman and Rickey in the early days of Nevada. Richard is a banker at Reno, Nev. He was raised in Washoe Lodge No. Kitchell Artist and writer. April 25, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He invented method and apparatus for first scientific composite photograph.

In he produced the Kitchell Composite Madonna, a merging of themost important madonnas painted by the great masters of years, which attracted wide attention in America and Europe. In he invented and patented a new method of reproducing pictures known as "subchromatic art," examples of which were accepted by the Metropolitan Museum, Congressional Library, British Museum, and Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

He was governor general of Sudan in In he organized forces to combat the Boers and was commander-inchief of India from , being made field marshal on the latter date. In he was secretary of state for war, and organized the British forces for WWI. He was lost at sea in the sinking of the British cruiser, H. Hampshire, sunk off the Orkney Islands, June 6, He is thought to have entered Freemasonry in Egypt. In he was one of the founders of Drury Lane Lodge No. He was made past grand warden of the Grand Lodge of England in ; district grand master of Egypt and the Soudan in ; and past grand warden of district grand lodge of Punjab, India, in Kitchin English lodges have been named in his honor.

Kitchin Governor of North Carolina, Graduate of Wake Forest Coll. He edited the Scotland Neck Democrat in He was admitted to the bar in , and practiced at Roxboro from Kitchin was a member of the 55th through 60th U. He received his degrees in Scotland Neck Lodge No. He affiliated with Person Lodge No. He affiliated with Hiram Lodge No. Senator from South Dakota, March 26, in Cheshire Co.

Graduate of Yale in and Admitted to the bar in , and began practice at Sioux Falls, S. He was a member of the state senate from A member of Minnehaha Lodge No. Kittredge Chief Engineer, U.

National Park Service from March 29, in Glyn-don, Minn. He was with state and federal highway commissions until , when he became chief engineer of the National Park Service. From he was regional director of region four for that service.

From he was superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park, and superintendent of Yosemite National Park from , at which time he returned to the Department of Interior as chief engineer. George Klapka Hungarian Revolutionary General. He led the Northern Hungarian army in , and served in the battle of Kapolna, and at Komarno with distinction.

He defended Komarno, capitulating on honorable terms in He was in exile from The biggest problem Cobra runs up against is that everyone he talks to is deathly afraid to talk about Kadinsky. When Papasian tells Cobra that Kadinsky is dead, we must figure out if he really is. The usually dependable Franco Nero looks to be sleepwalking through his role as Cobra. In the very next scene, it looks as if he has gotten over it.

Castellari has certainly done much better, including the post-apocalypse films Here are some of the few positive points: When Lola gets into a fight with Cobra in an empty disco she uses martial arts moves to kick the crap out of him! There are also a couple of deaths that are memorable. Cobra shoots a drum of gasoline, sending the assassin high into the air.

Unfortunately, both deaths are bloodless. We hear the gun go off and then there is a jump edit where Cobra enters an elevator. All in all, this is a very minor film in a genre of Italian movies that are usually violent and exciting. Also starring Massimo Vanni a. Nobody tells me what to do! There are far more entertaining Italian crime films out there. Not Rated , but no nudity and very little blood. The only problem is, sadistic crooks Al John Morghen and Kurt Vincent Conte have caught on to their scam and they kill Harry by drowning him in a bathtub before he is able to tell them where he has hidden the money.

Phoenix cop George Ryan Bo Svenson is called to the scene of the crime and catches Al and Kurt ransacking the place, which leads to a pretty good car chase lots of crashes and stunts and a shootout on the rooftop of a building, where George gets shot several times in the chest. Luckily, he was weraring a bulletproof vest. When George gets too close to the truth, Al and Kurt ambush him on a lonely desert road, causing him to crash his car, but Lou rescues him with his helicopter and chase the bad guys again.

The bad guys then kidnap Kathy and take her away in a helicopter, where she takes them to an abandoned ranch where the money is hidden. Sometimes crime does pay. This Italian production, filmed on location in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona is a pretty good comedy action film and Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson look like they are having a ball, even if some of the dialogue is clunky. They first appeared together in director Enzo. Set during the Vietnam era, the story revolves around a young black man an excellent Larenz Tate and his struggles to find a way to support his pregnant girlfriend after graduating high school.

He joins the Marines because he wants to fight for his country, but he soon learns that the war is not the place to escape reality. After completing his tour of duty, he returns home to the Bronx. Unable to find a good job, he and his buddies plan an armored car robbery, hoping to collect a few hundred thousand dollars of old untraceable money that the government plans to burn. But things go terribly wrong.

This may sound like a generic plot, but the Hughes Brothers pull it off with a sense of flair and urgency. In this film it is downright brutal. During the war scenes, heads are chopped off, a soldier has his stomach slit open and his dismembered penis shoved in his mouth and, in one unbelievable scene, a soldier steps on a land mine and is blown to bits.

The violence at home is no less gruesome. People are shot in the head, crushed by moving cars and riddled with bullets. Even though it is gory, the violence is not the driving force behind this film. The story is filled with interesting characters and, for once, white people are not portrayed as raving bigots. This took guts from a black filmmaking team.

This South Africa-lensed boxing actioner stars Bobick as Billyboy Lamont, a burly dock worker and university student who wants to be a professional boxer like his father, Don screenwriter Willie Von Rensburg , but dear old Pop discourages him from doing so, telling him, "This, my boy, is what fifteen years of fighting and being champ has got me: When Pop catches Billyboy at the gym instead of studying at the university, he decides to teach him a lesson and challenges Billyboy to a boxing match in the ring.

Meanwhile, the short-statured Mike catches the eye of barmaid Janet Barbara Salberg at a disco and accidentally gets her fired from her job. Mike gets Janet a job as a maid at the Bendell household, but Josephine tells him to keep his hands off of her now that she is the hired help. Josephine has been holding that grudge for many, many years and after marrying a millionaire and giving birth to the dwarf-like Mike did I mention she despises him and treats him like shit? Terry has grown up to be a first class lout and ends up screwing Janet even though he knows that Mike has feelings for her When Josephine tells Terry that Janet is "beneath him", he replies coldly, "I know.

He fights a series of boxers and works his way up the ranks until, yes, you guessed it, he becomes the number one contender against Terry. Which one of these "brothers from different mothers" will turn out to be champ? Boxing may be an art form, but so is acting. It is like he just picked up a carton of eggs at the store and found one of them broken!

It has plenty of flesh but very little nudity. The few action scenes are haphazardly staged and shot. Anna belongs to the evil Mr. Caine Anthony Caruso , a white slave trader. Frank cleans her up and promises to marry her after his next and last six month stint at sea. He plans on buying an avacado farm! While Frank is out at sea, Mr. Caine kidnaps Anna, rehooks her on drugs and makes her re-establish herself as a whore.

When Frank returns to land and cannot locate Anna, he enlists the aide of his seaman buddy Chris Mitchum and a prostitute Lisa Loring to help him track her down. When they finally locate Anna, she is walking the streets, strung-out and looking for Johns she offers to take Frank and Chris on for fifty bucks! In a cop-out ending, all the good guys have a happy ending. He is constantly getting roughed up by Frank and the goons. The bad guys in this film are a criminal organization known as "The Golden Cats".

Rogers Paul Eeckmann , witnesses the kidnapping and gives chase in his sporty convertible. Rogers convertible and it overturns. Rogers grabs a sword he keeps in the back of his car!

King wins, dealing Mr. King and his thugs leave empty-handed when the police show up, Babs telling them what has just happened. Tom gives a skeptical audience a demonstration of the power of karate, by hitting a solid cube of metal and leaving his fistprint in it!

Jo sneaks up on Tom in his hotel room and with one punch, Tom sends him flying across the room and through the door of the adjoining hotel room, which is occupied by Babs, who is in the middle of changing her clothes. Jo removes the tape recorder and Tom tells Babs that he needs to talk to her about Mr. When Jo goes to his hotel room, he finds Michele waiting for him.

His bathtub is full of flesh-dissolving acid and when he goes to the bathroom, he hears someone sneaking into his room. Jo moans out loud, as if the acid is dissolving his body. The thug enters the bathroom to see the results and a short scuffle ensues, resulting in Jo throwing the thug in the bathtub. Kalatunga , are at the hotel bar, keeping a close eye on Jo and Tom.

They think Jo was killed in the shower and are surprised to see him with the Inspector and Babs in the hotel lounge, so they must think of another way to kill him.

King walks down to the lounge, placing a small bottle of nitroglycerine on a table next to Jo, Tom, Babs and the Inspector. Meanwhile, Nitro catches Michele in his room and ties her up, while he is on the terrace, pointing a sniper rifle at the small bottle on the table.

Jo hands Tom the bottle and he throws it into the ocean, where it explodes. This leads to a pretty good rooftop chase between Tom and King, both of them using a palm tree to reverse pole vault to the ground! King escapes but Sunny is captured. He then escapes by jumping off a bridge on to a moving train, the Inspector, Jo and Tom giving chase in Jeeps. The Inspector proves what a crack shot he is by shooting Sunny in the head, while his Jeep speeds over tough beach terrain. Philip Dawson tells Jo and Tom that Sunny was a member of the Golden Cats, but Jo and Tom are suspicious of the Inspector, because he excused himself just before Nitro fired his sniper rifle and they both think he acted a little too quick on the draw when he shot Sunny in the head.

Jo goes for a swim in the ocean, but first, Tom gives him a cigarette with a load in it Because Jo always complains when Tom asks him for a cigarette. In this series, they always play practical jokes on each other. A little later, Khamar gives them a tip, so Tom and Jo take jitneys through the streets of Ceylon to talk to a female photographer who may have taken photos key to their investigation.

When they get to her house, they find her dead in her bed, a apparent victim of a poisoning. They find her young son is in the house looking for something to eat. For reasons still not clear to me, the perpetually drunk Philip Dawson is in Bombay, India to pay the Golden Cats a million dollars. It turns out that Dawson stole the money under false pretenses What they are is beyond me and plans on keeping it all for himself.

While he is in the back seat of the taxi fondling the money between his fingers, King gasses and kills him, dumping his dead body off a bridge to the river below. Jo figures out what is going on Damned if I know how! That may be why this film is so confusing. Farrow", but we never see him, only hearing his voice over the phone.

He has a lot to do with the Golden Cats, but since we never see him, his role in the plot seems moot. Still, both Tony Kendall and Brad Harris have an easy-going chemistry that carries the film and Harris has a standout karate fight with fellow bodybuilder and peplum star Dan Vadis, which is the highlight of the film. It may not make much sense but, like the other entries in the series, it is breezy entertainment of the first degree, so check your brain at the door and enjoy!

Never legitimately available on VHS in the U. Just like their DVD, the print is in fullscreen, but watchable. Also starring Werner Hauff who produced this series as "Theo M. After a treacherous trek through the jungle, Karamat and his prisoners finally arrive at his fortress, which is heavily fortified with men with guns and a series of maze-like caves.

The government deems an air attack or a full-on ground assault too dangerous, so they reform the Death Raiders, a small group of Black Ops. So begins this enjoyable sometimes for the wrong reasons action film from the Philippines, as Captain Barone rounds-up all the ex- members of his squad; from a disco with the prerequisite bar fight , a police hostage situation with the prerequisite attempted rape scene and helping an alcoholic member free his girlfriend from a mafia whorehouse.

When Karamat catches him, he ties him up in the middle of town and beats the stuffing oput of him with his bare hands in front of all the citizens. From then on, the group try to make it through the jungle to safety, before the Army does a full air and ground attack on the compound. Elaine tells Deacon that the town has been taken over by a group of dastardly marijuana farmers and their leader, John Carey Crofton Hardester , is not above murder to protect his crop.

Deacon begins asking questions around town, but finds everyone afraid to talk. Carey kidnaps Audrey and blows up her gas station and uses her as bait. The finale finds Deacon, his men and Sheriff Marsh who finally comes to his senses battling Carey and his gang while trying save Audrey and blowing up a dam to flood the pot crop. Not everyone both good and bad will make it out alive. When Peter refuses, the goons beat him, tie him up, shoot and kill his young and naked son, gang-rape his wife and then shoot and kill both of them, too, before setting fire to their home.

Innocent farmers and their families are still being murdered and their land being purchased at rock- bottom prices by Mrs. Chaw, who Richard believes is the "Landlord" behind the killings, both past and present.

Richard cannot get anyone in town to believe his story, because Mrs. Chaw is well-respected around town and the only law in the territory, Deputy Sheriff John, seems to be in Mrs. Richard becomes romantically involved with pretty young schoolteacher Catherine Alana Montri , while he secretly murders the goons under Mrs.

Richard also helps Kenneth Clint Chit run for election for parliament against Mrs. Chaw, who orders her men to kill Kenneth and Richard. Chaw becomes convinced that there is a spy amongst them.

Chaw and her rape-hungry hoods. The violence on display is mainly of the bullet type, as people are shot in the head, torso, arms, legs and back. The finale, where Catherine chases Mrs. Chaw, who is throwing grenades back at her! Chaw getting shot in the stomach and falling on one of her live grenades, blowing herself to smithereens.

Toss in some of the most awkward romantic dialogue I have ever heard Clearly, the Australians who provide the cheesy English dubbing were making it up on the spot and what you end up with is a frenetic, over-the-top sleazefest that should satisfy fans of Far East weirdness. Never released on home video in the U. Try to avoid that cut. DOG TAGS - In this well-done Vietnam War actioner, real-life reporter Chris Hilton tries to find out the truth behind a story about a downed chopper that supposedly contained four cases of top-secret American military documents.

He finds a Vietnamese villager who was there when it happened and, as Hilton starts recording his words, we are whisked back in time to a story that involves a Ranger Unit, American P. This is a war, no vacation! Glass Peter Ehlich; also the Dialogue Coach here is killed by his own men when he falters in killing a female gook who is laying more booby traps He does manage to cut into her shoulder blade with a machete, but another P.

Pete goes jungle crazy, starts yammering incoherently and runs off into the jungle, where he steps on a land mine and is blown to bits. By the time Cecil makes it to the downed chopper which is lying in a shallow lake next to a waterfall , only two other are left alive, Eddy and a badly injured Ron Baird Stafford , whose leg was impaled on bamboo spikes while swimming in a river.

Clive and Eddy retrieve the four cases out of the chopper, but instead of finding top-secret documents, they find all the cases are filled with small gold bars instead.

Smelling a rat in Captain Newport and rightfully so and fearing that they will be killed if they radio-in their location, Clive, Eddy and Ron devise a plan to escape to safety with the gold. They find a sympathetic Vietnamese family to take them in where Ron has his leg amputated , but Captain Newport makes sure there is no way they will ever settle down he has a transmitter in one of the cases.

The finale finds Clive and Eddy removing their dog tags and never being seen or heard from again. The only proof of their existence are their dog tags, some photos and a single bar of gold kept in a box by the villager reporter Chris Hilton is now interviewing. That boy turns out to be the villager that reporter Chris Hilton is interviewing over ten years later.

Filmed in three acts, with a prologue and an epilogue, DOG TAGS is a literate, if extremely bloody, example on how to make a war film with heart and a limited budget. Worth your time if you are a fan to this genre.

Also available on German DVD, but avoid it as it is the edited version. He gets help from Charlie Siphiwe Mlangeni , a local boy who is wise beyond his years. They confront Gatelee at his home, which results in fisticuffs followed by a motorcycle chase.

Her information proves invaluable to Jay, who is now able to definitely connect Myra with Gatelee. Myra double-crosses Gatelee and steals the gold for herself, which sets up the finale where everyone gathers together on the island where the gold is hidden.

While not especially bloody, the fight scenes are well choreographed and exciting thanks to Qissi and Gatelee meets a memorable demise. A Vidmark Entertainment Release. Not available on DVD in the U. Mel and Roxanne are caught spying on the ritual and the natives kill Mel spear in the chest and abduct Roxanne. After traveling down the river for a while, the group sets up camp, where we learn that Pencil is a racist He calls Malanga a "nigger", which pisses off Josh until Malanga reminds him that in Africa "nigger is a nice word.

That night, Stanley is attacked and killed by a huge crocodile when it drags him into one of their own perimeter boobytraps Boom! Pencil is shot with an arrow and falls into the river, where he is eaten by a crocodile. The natives destroy the camp including the radio and begin hunting the group, first hitting Steiger with a poison dart When Malanga informs Steiger that the poison will make him fall asleep and die, Steiger says, "Die? John and Steiger are put in a cage next to Roxanne and try to figure out a way to escape.

The tribe captures Gordon and feed him to a pit of hungry crocodiles while Roxanne watches and screams "Daddy! Now, Steiger and Malanga must return to the village and save Roxanne and Josh, since the tribe plans to sacrifice Roxanne to the crocodiles that night.

Will they save her in time and will they make their way back to civilization? This South African-lensed jungle action film, directed by Elmo De Witt, mixes standard jungle warfare guns vs.

The chemistry between them is quite apparent and they both have the best lines. The only true emotion in this film comes when Malanga discovers that the little girl following him and Josh in the finale is his niece.

Nothing more, nothing less. The heist turns into a massacre when both sides shoot it out. Nelson is now wanted by the U. Government after they find out he has turned rogue and is stealing arms for his own purposes, rather than for his own government there goes that damn migraine again! Too bad Nelson picked this town, b ecause Sheriff Jack is a crack shot, as we witness him shooting three violent drug runners right between the eyes and then blows-up their attacking helicopter with just three shots of his pistol.

It seems Jack use to be a big city cop, but he left the force when he saw his partner shot in the head he still has nightmares about it and moved to this small town to get away from the action and violence. Pray for the bad guys, especially in the unbelievable final scene where Jack blows up a huge cargo plane with just three shots of his sidearm!

Scripters and long-time Santiago collaborators Joe Mari Avellana and Frederick Bailey never even try to explain why our own government is stealing weapons from their own armories I racked my brain for an explanation and all I got was a splitting headache.

If you have ever watched a Santiago film, you know he excels when it comes to action sequences. Take off your thinking caps and just enjoy the mindless violence.

Made in but not released on home video until Say what you want about Santiago and I have said both good and bad , but the man has had a long, successful career in B-films. The story is simple: A tour group, consisting of a group of diverse Hong Kong residents, including grandparents and their grandson; a cop and his horny brother; identical twin brothers complete with matching bushy moustaches!

After making a few stops to do the things that tourists do take photos, buy souvenirs, etc. This leads to a massive stunt-filled shootout between the rebels and the cops that eventually leads to the rebels hijacking the bus and taking the tourists hostage thankfully, Rainman stays behind so they can make their getaway. Of course, nothing goes according to plan, so the tourists must come to depend on each other to plan and execute their escape, as some of the tourists are raped, tortured or killed by their captors.

The finale illustrates that even unassuming common people are capable of acts of uncommon bravery and self-sacrifice if pushed too far. Expect lots of gun battles, explosions including exploding bodies and blood. The comedy comes mainly in the beginning, such as when the tourists take advantage of two Filipino soldiers, buying everything they own except their underwear and rifles, only for the viewer to discover that the soldiers do this every time tourists stop there and make a bundle of money each time.

Bud it reads "Bud" on the English subtitles, but it sounds like they are calling him "Bob" on the Cantonese soundtrack makes it his duty to convince his charges that things are much better than they actually are once they are taken hostage he eats a plate of rancid food with a smile on his face , while Candy offers herself as the next rape victim of a bald-headed rebel when he originally choses another woman from the group.

They both go into full hero mode in the exciting and bloody finale, but, along the way, Tsang manages to get in some sharp barbs on subjects like TV news reporting, the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong in , government cover-ups and self-sacrifice. General Corman sends his aide, Lt. Reynolds David Anthony Smith , a wise-ass fighter pilot, to assist Sgt. Duncan on the mission. Duncan and his men Duncan killed a General that Phat was protecting , to capture Major Wilson before he is rescued.

The enemy also seems to have knowledge of Sgt. This makes it very difficult for Sgt. Reynolds is a major fuck-up, who at one point wears mirrored sunglasses while walking through the jungle.

This alerts the enemy on their position when they see the rays of the sun reflected off the mirrored lenses. With bad weather on the way that make rescue by helicopter impossible, Sgt.

Duncan and his men must traverse the jungle on foot until they get to the next pick-up point miles away. With every battle that Duncan and his men engage in, they lose another member. The finale finds Duncan, Reynolds and Senator, the only squad members left alive, trying to protect Major Wilson while Captain Phat and his special forces lead one final all-out assault.

Can General Corman save them in time? This is director Cirio H. Hawk bought it because he was showing off. Because I take that shit personal Now get over here and eat your lizard! You at first think that Carradibe is doing one of his patented B-movie walk-on roles, but he actually plays the action hero in the end, jumping out of helicopters and laying down ground fire so everyone can escape.

When he catches someone cheating him is a street game of craps, he beats the crap out of the cheater, is caught by the police and spends the next five years of his life in a Thai prison. While walking do wn an alley, Ryan and Chai Wat happen upon an illegal street fight and Ryan decides to take part in a fight when Mr.

Ryan does just that and embarrasses Mr. Pinai in front of everyone. Ryan teams up with fellow Australian Zach Glen Ruehland; NAILED - , an alcoholic fight promoter, and Ryan quickly moves up in the ranks as a fighter in the no-holds-barred realm of illegal street fighting.

This all leads to the big final fight, where Mr. FIVE - or else he will kill Katie. How old is that chestnut? I can think of at least a dozen off the top of my head. This entire film screams amateur hour and is one of the weaker examples of Filipino action cinema. Morelli and McGee betray Russell, stab him and toss his body overboard the boat they are in as they head back to the S tates.

They nurse Russell back to health and teach him the way of the samurai. Broke and penniless, Jayne is forced to move in with one of her girlfriends, while McGee and Morelli cut a bloody path throughout L. Russell is eventually rescued by some American soldiers and he returns to L.

Not knowing that it is Russell who is killing their men they still think he is dead , Morelli and McGee hire some outside muscle to fix their problem. Russell finally finds his wife and when he sets eyes on his young son for the first time, he puts his revenge plans on hold just long enough to make sweet love to his wife and play with his son in the park.

McGee retaliates by kidnapping Jayne and Jimmy and bringing them to his heavily-guarded house in Mexico. Ah, good-old Nip know-how saves the day! There is fun to be had, especially the interaction between the two Japanese soldiers, who have been living alone together for so long on the island, they act more like an old married couple rather than soldiers. When Russell suddenly appears on the beach, you can see the jealousy in the eyes of the less-dominate soldier Gamboa.

When he accidentally dies after falling out of a coconut tree, you can view the hurt in the face of his long-standing partner Avellana. When Russell gets rescued, the lone Japanese soldier chooses to stay behind he even manages to kill one of the American soldiers in rememberance of the good old days rather than face the new world.

This section of the film is my favorite, as the rest of the film is standard gangster and revenge stuff. The first section of the film details the exploits of Morelli and McGee, as they slaughter a mob hangout with machinegun fire and then kill a mob bigshot and his men in an auto junkyard. He slices and kicks his way through a cast of stuntmen until he gets even with Morelli and McGee. This contains all the regular Santiago trademarks: The script was written by Howard R.

Produced by Robert E. Don Ferguson , who seems to recognize Mark from an event that happened ten years earlier. Mark warns stunt co-ordinator Wes T. Kennedy not to trust the sheriff but will not explain why. A little boy goes missing from the hotel the film crew is staying at, which upsets Mark. Miller , keep a close eye on the foursome.

The sheriff has a lucrative side business where he and his men kidnap children and sell them to the highest bidder. Deacon and Carter knock out Smilie and Deacon rapes Annie. The sheriff then holds them captive in a cabin in the woods until he can figure out what to do with them. Marks ends up getting killed trying to save Kelly and Smilie. Kelly and his fellow stuntmen band together to rescue the group of stolen children the sheriff is holding hostage in a shack the deep woods.

Things start relatively tame but, from the moment when Annie gets raped and Smilie has amateur dentistry performed on his front teeth, things get somewhat nasty.

FINAL CUT is a decently acted action film that manages to hold your attention thanks to the natural interaction between the cast you believe that Smilie, Kelly and Mark have known each other for years.

One funny running gag concerns a double-jointed Smilie copping pain pills from an apprehensive film doctor, each time telling him, "This is the last time, I promise.

The mysterious and brutal Mr. When Brown comes home and sees the carnage, he vows revenge and, boy, does he get it! He saves the best kills for the four thugs. One gets an axe planted in his back. Another gets shot in the balls and, as he is pleading for his life, Brown puts a bullet between his eyes. The third is blown-up by a grenade while trapped in his overturned car. The fourth one is tied to a chair, has both of his kneecaps shot-off as Brown places a timebomb on his crotch BOOM!

This is grand entertainment for those who like their action and bloodletting devoid of any logic at all. In one scene, Brown is captured and being tortured by having his back branded with a red-hot poker.

There are too many quotable lines of dialogue supplied by screenwriter Deddy Armand to mention, but my favorite one comes early in the film when a crook says to Brown: Samtani was also in the housing renewal business and he also sprinkles a healthy dose of black humor in some scenes. The dialogue between the goons will make you laugh out loud as they spout line like, "Who are you calling an asshole, you asshole?!

What are you waiting for? During an intense battle with the enemy, where they are vastly outnumbered there are more grenade and rocket explosions than you can shake a stick at , Johnny is seriously injured but is saved by his buddy and fellow team member James Lee Maurice Smith: Three months later, when Johnny is released from the hospital in Saigon, he goes to look up James to thank him for saving his life, only to discover that James has gone AWOL.

Mad Dog keeps James so pumped-up with heroin that he hardly recognizes Johnny, so Johnny decides to enter the tournament to get close to James and, hopefully, save his life. If Johnny wins, he can permanently retire James from the ring and clean him up. Johnny wins all his matches and faces-off with James, who snaps out of his heroin haze long enough the recognize Johnny and they both escape the ring.

While Johnny detoxes James it only takes 24 hours! Armed with automatic weapons and explosives, the duo lay waste to Mad Dog and his operation. If his line readings were any stiffer, he would be laying on a morgue table waiting for the rib-spreader. Director Avellana, who seems to have a fetish for explosions, does infuse the war portion of the film with a sense of verve something he picked up, no doubt, from Santiago and the final ten minutes are also action-packed, but the majority of this flick is just a tired rehash of countless other martial arts tournament films.

Besides, he does manage to include the appearance of a midget during one of the fight sequences. Is there anything more adorable than watching a tiny person running around in nothing but a pair of shorts? Is there something in the water supply? The country seems to be overrun with the little suckers.

A scientist named Hardy invents a new type of explosive "With this type of formula, people can blow up mountains without any danger!

How is that fucking possible? Immediately after making those statements, Hardy and his girlfriend Yanti Yati Octavia are kidnapped, blindfolded and taken to the home of the big boss, Mr. Brutho, who tells Hardy that he either hands over the formula or he will kill Yanti. Yanti and Anita stop at a disco f or some drinks Killing bad guys makes you thirsty. Lulu beats the snot out of a male motorcycle gang in a restaurant complete with transvestite waitress! Hooray for female power!

This is a hilariously bad action flick, complete with awful dubbing where everyone speaks with an Australian accent , badly-staged action scenes which are either cranked-up in the camera way too fast or way too slow, giving some sequences, such as the car chases, a Keystone Kops feel, and other sequences, such as the women running or fighting in super slow-motion, a SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN look, complete with the patented Steve Austin sound effects!

Particularly funny is the dastardly Mr. This did get a very limited VHS release in the U. Those fucking Dutch were some very lucky bastards. Jim picks five people he has worked with in the past to m ake up his team and we are introduced to them in a series of brief vignettes to show us their fighting skills: Carl kills Stark by attaching his useless legs to cables connected to cars going in the opposite direction drawn and half-quartered, if you will , but the Force: It all comes to a boil when the Reverend plans to kill the Senator and all the other interlopers in a helicopter crash.

Expect a lot of flying feet and fists before this film wraps up. Particularly interesting are when Jim and his team break Willard out of prison, causing death and destruction, only to discover that Willard is living the high life behind bars his cell is enormous and contains a huge projection TV, a sectional sofa and a separate bedroom!

The only reason Willard agrees to go with them is because they ruined the good thing he had going there especially when the warden finds out about his daughter!

The CIA, working with the Thai government, sends a team, led by ex-lovers Mark Banner a badly-dubbed Robert Ginty and Cordelia Dubois Sarah Lagenfeld , to retrieve the gold in the crashed plane in the Laos jungle before the enemy gets their hands on it to purchase weapons for their revolution. Mark, Cordelia and the team with a new member to replace the captured one paddle down the Mekong River disguised as gooks and are almost captured by enemy soldiers, but the appearance of a shark!

Mark, Cordelia and the team now known simply as the Gold Raiders get away, thank s to some well-placed underwater mines and submergable water scooters. After the General leaves, the Gold Raiders kill all the enemy soldiers at the outpost and meet their secret connection, who supplies Mark with a prototype flying "missile motorcycle" that runs on magic "crystals" rather than gasoline.

The evil General is assigned by his superiors to find the missing gold, so he goes to a jungle village where the local dogs surround him and try to bite his wooden leg! Who will come out on top? Philip Chalong real name: The vehicle evaded officers numerous times, almost striking officers in the process, and eventually ended up on Fairgrounds Road in Clinton County, Ky.

It was at this time that the suspect turned around and began coming back into the direction of Sheriff Dowdy. Sheriff Dowdy then used his patrol vehicle to attempt to stop the pursuit from continuing to ensure that no innocent bystanders would be injured. The suspect then exited the vehicle and fled the scene.

A female that was in the vehicle was detained and later released. The suspect, Andrew Maxfield, 26, of Allons, TN, was later apprehended and is currently facing charges of driving under the influence while license suspended-1st offense, speeding 26 mph or greater, fleeing or evading police 1st degree, reckless driving, assault 3rd degree on a police officer, wanton endangerment 1st degree, and failure of non-owner operator to provide insurance.

Charges in Pickett County are pending. Courtesy of Clinton County News. Jerry Mitchell was absent. Motion by Dorman Beaty Jr. Discussion with no action on Principal and Supervisor reports.

The first accident was on Monday, July 31st at around 6 p. Flowers left the scene and was located sometime later. Drugs found after one vehicle accident Courtesy of Pickett County Sheriff Office Pickett County deputies recently responded to an accident on Cordell Hull Memorial Drive that led to the discovery of cocaine and marijuana.

The driver of a Suzuki SUV appeared to have left the roadway and drove into the yard of a residence on Cordell Hull before hitting an embankment close to Pryor Road. The vehicle was impounded and while deputies conducted an inventory report, they found approximately nine grams of cocaine, several ounces of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. Banzin was later transported to Cookeville Regional Medical Center for other medical issues. First Day of School Monday, August 7th.

To celebrate this milestone, the chamber of commerce; the official headquarters of the sale, will be having a kick-off celebration on Thursday, August 3rd from 10 a. Make plans to stop in! The US Corridor Sale started in The four day sale always starts on the first Thursday in August making dates for the 30th annual sale to be August The sale is very popular, and visitors from several foreign countries have attended.

The original intent of the sale was to prove the back roads have something to offer, and that the interstate system was not the only mode for travel. County officials put together a list of attractions along the route in Kentucky and Tennessee.

There are over three hundred attractions along the route to provide enjoyment for the family. Whether it is majestic hills, beautiful scenery, river boats, railroads, toe tapping music, arts, crafts, horses, fishing, hiking, bits of Civil War or Indian History, there are many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and culture of the land along the Sale Route. The Lookout Mountain Parkway Association asked to be included in the sale route a few years after the sale began.

The Lookout Mountain Parkway leaves Chattanooga as Highway 58 and becomes several different highway numbers before reaching Gadsden. It is no longer US , but is the same great sale. This routing crosses the Northwest corner of Georgia, going into Cloudland. We are centrally located along the route. Fentress County can also claim the origin of the sale.

Mike Walker, the County Executive in , came up with the idea of the sale, worked hard to make it happen, and planned for it to be an annual event. Thousands of people participate in the sale each year as vendors. A front lawn may be turned into a showcase as items are displayed.

Off road parking is essential, and many of the homes have this space. Visitors should honor requests of "No Parking" or "No Trespassing" posted by families not participating in the sale--cars can leave deep tire ruts on a soft lawn.

Traffic congestion is part of the annual phenomenon to be endured, but the chance of finding a treasure lures them on. Many visitors plan their vacations around the sale event, with some traveling the entire miles.

Others may opt to spend their time in a selected area, and venture off the beaten path to discover the history and charm of the land. Whatever the mode of travel you may choose, please do expect plenty of traffic. The pace may slow to that of snarled rush hour traffic.

Do expect sudden stops to occur without warning, and drive carefully and defensively. Enjoy the spot wherever you are, because down the road a few miles may be a space where no vendors are set up and the traffic will move along as usual. You are here to enjoy the sale and most of the other vehicles are too. Some book hotel rooms a year in advance. A few weeks prior to the sale date, most of the hotel rooms are taken. Bed and Breakfast type lodgings do a brisk business during this sale, with most any type of overnight lodging being filled each night.

Southern hospitality has led to couples being taken into private homes because nothing else was available. Some visitors to the sale try to find lodging when and where needed. Some find cancellations, some go up to fifty miles, to the right or left of the sale route, to spend the night. Some even sleep in their car. However, these are considered small inconveniences in light of the excitement of finding the deal of the day and anticipation of a big shopping spree.

A few dislike the snarled traffic associated with the sale, but all must admit, the sale is good for the economy along the corridor route. Locals sell their crafts, accommodations are filled, restaurants are crowded, and those renting vendor spaces also add to the local economy.

Those who want to break away from the sale are encouraged to visit the local attractions. Brochures can be obtained by calling For more information contact: Box , Jamestown, TN Tel: For more information, call The employees have been given the opportu.

Matthew Storie entered the meeting. There were three amendments: This closure is for approximately 3. Chairman Richard Daniel gave an update on the enhancement grant.

More than 10, boats were inspected during the five days. Officers issued citations, and warnings. The July 4 holiday is considered the peak of boating season. Youth classes are for ages 18 and under as of January, 1, Negative coggins is required! There are still three shows left before the finals. Cash will only be accepted at the show. Town celebration continued despite rain Photos for the celebration were by James Purkey and Brian Raef.

Pickett County jobless at 4. Pickett County reported a 4. Operating a boat with a Blood Alcohol Content of. Prior to the next motion, Matthew Storie entered the meeting. Projected from other Departments: This tax rate is the same as last year. The site shall be known as Riverside Business Park. When speaking to Mrs. The county would compensate Mrs. Attorney Ayers stated that as far as Mr.

Daniel is aware, Mrs. What do other counties do? Design must be created on a 3x5 note card. Use basic colors: No lettering or seals: Be distinctive or be related: A motion by Dorman Beaty, Jr. Photographs may be submitted into one of seven categories: Selected images may also be displayed on the internet and other venues.

And one day, I stopped. The owner, Gib Taylor, had issued an invitation. How could I not know that was the house? The house sits on Livingston Highway in Byrdstown, Tennessee, and was built in the early s by my great-grandfather, Samuel Bertram and two of his sons, one my Papa. The road in front of it was dirt.

Aunt Doris remembered the house as an enchanted place. There was a grape arbor on one side yard and rose bushes on the other. Behind the house was an old spring where moss grew. Family celebrations were held around the long table right beside the kitchen.

After meals, the men swapped stories on the front porch, and the women washed dishes and then visited in the front parlor. And family pictures were made in front of the grape arbor. According to Aunt Doris, the family gathered for special events, like watching the circus travel on the muddy road. Elephants walking in a line.

Lions and tigers in big cages pulled by horses. After my grandparents married, the newlyweds lived in this house. Upstairs in the biggest bedroom. He had mowed paths to the barn and water well. No picture could capture the smell of this century old barn. The feel of the animals that once slept in the stalls. The well where my great-grandparents lowered a bucket and brought it back up filled with water. The concrete box that held water in the s. Inside the house, Gib led me through each room.

The steps are tricky. The wide hallway is where my great-grandmother shelved books for a neighborhood lending library. I found the biggest bedroom. My mother was born here in Its owner, who welcomed me. We also get to play each game. We will meet at the log cabin. Saturday, June 10th We will meet at the picnic tables behind the museum. Sunday, June 11th 1: Summer Landscape Join us Wednesday, June 14 from 9: You can register online at http: According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, there are fifteen commercial marinas, situated at various locations on the lake.

There are also multiple US Corps of Engineer boating access areas in this area that are free to use: It is important that all who are enjoying our beautiful lake, wear life jackets, refrain from drinking and boating, and are familiar with boating regulations. Dale Hollow Lake resides in both the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, so be aware of your location and what the state boating regulations for each state are.

Since construction, there have been drownings on Dale Hollow Lake with zero wearing life jackets. You can sign for a loaner infant, child, youth or adult jacket for the day or the weekend. There are two developed Corps camping grounds in Pickett County. Cove Creek has 10 campsites with tent pad, picnic table and fire ring or grill; vault toilet, parking and launch ramp.

The Obey River Campground has campsites. The camping area contains level sites with water and electric hookup and tent sites without hookups; showers, dump station, launch ramp, parking and playground.

Why travel away for vacation when we have paradise right here in our own little town. Dale Hollow Lake is included as a firewood quarantine area. When camping or picnicking at this recreation area, purchase your firewood from a vendor who sells certified heat-treated firewood.

To help prevent the spread of the Emerald ash borer and other forest pests, the U. Army Corps of Engineers is prohibiting firewood that is non certified heat- treated firewood. Fiber optic availability coming to city customers Areas in the City of Byrdstown will soon have the opportunity to receive service through fiber-optic cables.

There has already been work to change customers to fiber-optics within the county. We will meet at the Park office. Sunday, June 4th 1: The damage in Putnam County was significant as officials with the National Weather Service verified up to 95 mph straight line winds broke utility poles, uprooted trees and caused structural damage.

Some residents in Putnam were without power for days, and the difficulty was due to the damage being so wide spread and affecting both local and TVA powerlines. Pickett County Highway Department crews worked for two days to clear trees from roadways that were throughout the county. Looking for something sweet to eat?

Tisha Brewington offering a yummy treat. Lakeside Sno is serving a variety of flavors in shaved ice and hand- dipped ice cream. Drive thru service is available or you can park and walk up to get your treat.

Hours are Monday-Saturday 11 a. Every county will share some of the TDOT funded projects. Please contact me at or email abond conqueringchd. NEVER feed or approach a bear!

Bell, 65, of Monticello, Ky. The Kenworth exited the roadway to the right and hit several state signs before re-entering the roadway and striking the Toyota on the passenger side.

The two occupants in the car were transported to Livingston Regional Hospital. Pickett County deputies were able to get a description of the semi truck by witnesses of the accident and Bell was pulled over at a local gas station.

After performing a commercial inspection, Ronnie Bell was cited for leaving the scene of an injury crash, immediate notice of crash, failure to maintain lane of travel, failure to exercise due care and driving beyond 14 hours in a commercial vehicle. The following commissioners were absent: The complaint is that plaintiff Lloyd Shaver was bumped by Mr. Sells on or about May 19th, causing him to fall and suffer physical injuries. It also states that Pickett County knowingly maintained an unsafe condition at its facility which was the proximate cause of Mr.


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