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UNR says school uniforms raise self-esteem, curb gang involvement

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❶The president has expressed his belief that schools should have a curriculum that challenges students and inspires excellence, and he has expressed his views on what makes a school effective. Students feel forced to wear uniform therefore it takes away their pride and respect for their school.

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connecting fashion and self-esteem
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Every student should be different in their own way, but school uniform takes away their freedom to do that. This is why school uniform should not be worn. Also, it makes students have low self-esteem and less willing to come to school.

Furthermore, because we have to wear uniform it makes us feel ugly and make us have low self-esteem and look down on ourselves. When I get dressed in the morning and look in the mirror at myself wearing uniform it makes me feel ugly and not cute because I look plain.

To add, it takes away students pride in their school. My friend was thinking of coming to my school but I told her not too because she would have to wear uniform. Students feel forced to wear uniform therefore it takes away their pride and respect for their school.

In conclusion, students should not have to wear uniform because of all the advantages it takes away from students. I recommend that you consider talking to our school district about taking away the uniform policy. Thank You for your consideration, Hevin. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email.

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Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! No, children should not wear uniforms to school Children should be able to express their feelings. School is a place where uniforms are not needed. My Opinion I agree with the first one. Also, no inappropriate clothes can be worn. Does Barack Obama want kids to wear uniforms at school? The president has expressed his belief that schools should have a curriculum that challenges students and inspires excellence, and he has expressed his views on what makes a school effective.

But issues like uniforms are not something he has discussed. What is the percent of kids in high school students in America that wear uniform to school? Although they wear uniforms, must are not the traditional elementary school jumpers, but skirts and polos.

Why should kids not have to wear uniforms? No kid should be forced to wear a uniform because it takes away there individuality. Why should we all look the same? Should we all act the same too? It is not fair that kids are being forced to get there individuality taken away from them.

I strongly believe that people have the right to wear whatever they want to at school, as long as it is appropriate. For kids who go to schools that require uniforms, there is no style present.

Everyone looks the same. In a normal school where kids can wear whatever they want, sometimes you can tell if someone is having a good day or not. You can learn things about people just by looking at how they dress themselves. Your personality is represented by your outward appearance. Although, there ARE some upsides to a uniform.

Do kids like wearing uniforms? I think kids LOVE uniforms! What are you talking about????? I mean the teachers thought that wearing the so called "inappropriate clothes" would affect our learning You hate it when Schools make kids wear uniforms and Tuck them in Why? School uniforms are uneccessary.

Schools should not make students were uniforms.. Recent and past research has proven that reuiring school uniforms reduces stress and social tension. It eliminates the competition for students to fit in by wearing the "right" clothes and shoes. It eliminates the display of gang colors. It helps focus student attention on the important asplects of school in a positive way: No school, public or private, in the US that has gone to a student uniform policy has yet to revert it due to the positive results such policies yield.

Why do kids have to wear uniforms to school? Do kids in Australia wear school uniforms? Yes Kids in Australia wear school uniforms. School uniforms are an essential part of schooling in Australia, it creates uniformity within the school, helps to identify the children on excursions and creates branding for the school as well.

As a mum of 4 I am glad Australian Schools have uniforms for the kids, as kids can be cruel, and this stops any school yard bullying due to Kids not wearing the coolest brands out there School is for learning and not a fashion parade. Do kids wear school uniform in France? Why shoul d kids wear uniforms? Do schools in Canada make kids wear uniforms? Depends on the specific school. Public schools in general do not require school uniforms, but many of the private schools do indeed require it. Their ownership can easily become confused, especially when everyone is getting changed in the locker room.

Why do kids want to wear school uniforms? Some kids believe uniforms are practical: But other kids do not want uniforms at all, and they prefer to dress like individuals. Do kids have to wear uniforms at private schools? It is entirely dependent on the rules or dress code of the school. Uniforms may or may not be required. There is no requirement that a private school have a dress code.

Why do kids have to wear school uniform? So nobody envys you because of your clothes and it will take to long to decide what to wear. And it will help you learn better. Also, another reason might be because it bothers them, and it itches or something. Why do kids in Mexico wear uniforms? There are two explanations. The other reason is about how much easier is to identify those kids on their way in or out of the school, to prevent any kidnappings.

Do public schools in Japan make kids wear uniforms more often? Why do British kids wear uniforms? Actually, not all students in Britain wear uniforms. You would think British schoolchildren wear uniforms because of what you see in movies or tv shows.

But really, British schools have about the same unifrom ratio as to American schools. Actually this is not true, speaking as a 17 year old English school-girl, I can assure you that it is not the same as American schools. Do kids in India wear uniforms? Why should kids wear there school uniform? Uniforms are used to create unity in the school, but also so that everyone is equal.

Should schools be allowed to make kids wear uniforms? If you feel that by wearing or not wearing uniforms your rights are being violated, take it up with your school principal or whoever makes decisions in your school Schools are meant to be a place of learning. This learning is accomplished by the children having structure and conformity.

Why is it required for some schools for kids to wear uniforms? How do school uniforms build self esteem? There is no research evidence that they do.

However, the popular assumption is that uniforms 1. Unfortunately, there is research evidence that shows simply equalizing everyone does not work in building self-esteem.

Self-esteem is actually built through successfully mastering something new, and through attempting goals and reaching them. Why did England make poor kids wear school uniforms? Poor kids do not have a lot of structure and have mental stresses such as a poor family life.

Uniforms give a sense of pride and subconsciously indicate what you are to do for the day when wearing it. Also, it has been proven that uniforms increase productivity in comparison to street clothing.

Do kids wear uniforms to school in Taiwan? Do schools kids in Belarus wear uniforms? Maybe nowadays they do, but than its a new thing.

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Bullying Decreases, Self-Esteem Increases School uniform research conducted in the last few years supports the positive findings of the twenty- year-old California study. A recent study of seventh- and eighth-graders in Reno, and Sparks, Nevada revealed that wearing uniforms to school resulted in a decrease of discipline reports, bullying and gang .

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Whether students are wearing school uniforms or not, it’s not very important when it comes to self-esteem, the two most important factors we need to work on in order to increase our students’ self-esteem are self-concept and self-awareness, as long as students think that they can achieve things for themselves and have self-awareness, .

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Dress Code and Self Esteem. Dress codes in schools help students build confidence in themselves. Everyone has a different style but people look at others in their way of seeing things. School uniforms stops students from expressioning their true selfs. I spoke with Dr. Karen Rezach, Director of the Middle School and The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School, an all-girls school from Kindergarten through the 12th Grade. We talked about the role of uniforms and why they are so important for the self-image of the students of Kent Place School. Dr.

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The purpose of this study was to examine whether school uniforms have an effect on self esteem. The hypothesis was that school uniforms would increase self esteem. There were 87 total participants in this study; 41 students had uniforms and 46 did not. The Rosenberg Self Esteem scale was used to measure self esteem. The questionnaire . Students should not have to wear uniform to school. My first reason is, it takes away students freedom to be different. In addition, it makes students have low self- esteem and less willing to come to school. Finally, it takes away students pride in their school. School uniform takes away students freedom to be different.